Thursday, January 23, 2020

Welcome 2020

Just scraped in

A great start turned into a poor finish thanks to a dying breeze. But a beautiful evening...


John, Nick, Murilo, Dave and special guest Nadine, who sailed very well and put up with our Dad jokes - hope to see you on Kerkira again!

Course 8

Down to Rough Rock, Bean Rock, Resolution and home to the finish. We had a great start with speed on the line and 8-10 knots from the Southwest. A nice breeze with the last bit of the tide turning to run out, we stayed with the fleet on the first leg to Rough Rock, even getting the pole out for a goose-wing to the mark from North Head. But the wind was starting to fall and we still had half the course to complete. We 'drifted' to Resolution, with a extra tack, and headed for home with the 9 o'clock limit looking dangerously close. We held on with a line crossing at 1.7 knots - not how I thought it would go - Dave was the master of trimming all the way back up the harbour with 12 minutes to spare.

Beverage Report

The brews were well received by all, with a Kolsh and an IPA provided by Dave 'Masterbrewer' Shepherd. We are so lucky to have access to such wonderfully constructed beverages - thanks Dave.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Last sail for the year - 3rd place

Great wind that didn't go away

We did a great amount of backward sailing as there was no wind and an incoming tide.


John, Nick, Murilo and Dave.

Course 13

We had a great start, and with 10-15knots from the South. Course 13 is down to Rough Rock, Northern Leading, Resolution and home. Plenty of wind and a beautiful evening, great racing, great company, great beer!

Beverage Report

With the Master Brewer back on board we started with a cheeky Tuatara Pilsener and moved to a wheat beer downwind, and an IPA back up the harbour - both excellent brews.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

2019-20 R5: Dead Calm

No wind

We did a great amount of backward sailing as there was no wind and an incoming tide.


John, Ian, Mark, Nick, Murilo and Dave.


Well we did not even make it to the start line before the race was abandoned

Beverage Report

Luckily there was an ale or two on board to focus us including Dr Rudi's APA, Corona, Yankdak, Stoke Pilsner.

2019-20 R4: Wind died a bit

We were left out in a dying breeze

We did have a great start this week, and stayed with the fleet down to Rough Rock.


John, Ian, Mark, Nick and Dave.


A nice wind at the start, and a nice run down the harbour. We stayed high to avoid the tide, and stayed in touch with the fleet. However the wind was dying and we were left behind - hoping to pick up a place from our great start - but denied.

Beverage Report

We did indeed have the master brewer on board, and we were treated to a Wheat Beer and an IPA - both excellent!

2019-20 R3: Lovely breeze

A beautiful evening

Wind at the correct amount, that continued through the evening - magic!


John, Ian, Murilo, Nick. The brewmaster had injured himself but we could have used him to call our start!


Plenty of wind so we got a long course down to Northern Leading and back. We had a disastrous start - giving away almost 5 minutes. We needed Dave and his calling of the start. But hey... we came in at 2nd place on handicap - a good night!

Beverage Report

We did not have our master brewer on board, so it was a Stoke Pilsner and a YankDak that got us through the evening.

2019-2020 R1 and R2 Abandoned

Too much wind!

Both races were abandoned due to high winds

Race 1

Race 2

Beverage Report: no beer was consumed

Sunday, March 26, 2017


A beautiful evening!

The Crew

John (Captain), Dave, Ian and daughter.

Beverage Report

Dave's Red Ale - Very nice - hops and malt... and a couple of left-overs from the fridge.

Cheers, johnhs